The Universal Body of Christ

            This past weekend we were out of town to attend my nephew’s wedding in south Florida.  It is always good to be with family and we were encouraged by our time.  I’m very happy for my nephew, Roddie, and his new wife Heather.

            One of the great joys of the weekend for me was to worship at Treasure Coast Presbyterian (PCA) in Stuart, Florida.  As you might expect, sitting with my family in worship is a rare event and I really enjoyed this opportunity.  I emailed the pastor, Rob Edenfield, to thank and to encourage him.

            I always enjoy visiting sister PCA churches.  It’s amazing the almost mystical sense of connection you get among other believers (and I’m not just talking PCA folk though that happened to be the case here).  There truly is a sense of being a part of the universal body of Christ, what we properly call the church “catholic.”

            One special blessing was the reconnection Connie made with one of her former high school teachers.  Tom Fagley was her math teacher at Westminster Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that I’ve heard her speak of fondly.  He’s now retired to that area and is a member of that church.  She was able to share with him that she herself is now a math teacher! Thankfully, she didn’t mention she’s also a grandmother as that would have made him feel REALLY old, I’m sure.

            As you yourselves travel for business and vacations, I encourage you to worship with other congregations on the Lord’s Day.  It’s a special joy and privilege.  When you do, please bring me a bulletin.  I love to see how other churches do things and, Lord willing, get some ideas for our own church.