The “Win-Win” Mission Trip

The “Win-Win” Mission Trip

Paul Bankson


This Saturday a group from HLPC will be leaving for a week of ministry in La Ceiba, Honduras. This will be the third time we’ve sent a team there. This past Sunday we commissioned them and prayed for them.

If you were here, you were provided a prayer guide in the worship folder to use in the week ahead. Please use it daily and put it in a conspicuous place. We need to pray for our team that God would use, protect, and sanctify them during this week.

I’ve been privileged to go on several cross cultural missions trips (and I hope to do more). I can say I have been impacted in many ways by these trips. My vision of the Church has expanded as I’ve worshipped with other brothers and sisters in Christ who worship Him in not only a different place but a different language. I’ve been blessed to see the work of missionaries up close and personal. I’ve grown to appreciate the sacrifices and the impact they have for the Lord Jesus. I’ve come to be challenged to grow in my heart for people who are apart from Christ through such trips. You and I don’t have to look far to find those same kinds of people in our own families, neighborhoods, schools, and places we work right here at home.

My prayer is that this trip doesn’t just affect the people who go but will affect the people who’ve sent them- the people of HLPC. This trip will reap many rewards if not only our team is used for God’s purposes in Honduras but if they come back and are infectious with a heart for ministry right here in Houston County. That’s the “win-win” mission trip we are looking for. Let’s pray that happens.

Why not, right now, pray for our team? Here are the names of those going to do ministry on behalf of HLPC in Honduras July 23-30:

Grace Bailey

Matthew Bankson

Stephen Bankson

Holly Fall

Ben Deluna

Randy Saye

Kathy Tufts

Charlie Waters

Chas Waters

Colby Waters