Things You Need To Know

The following items were discussed and approved at Monday night’s Elders’ meeting:

• Change is coming! Something will change this week in our order of worship. The Elders have decided its time to let go of our “greeting time” that is part of our order of service. Why? We realize that for a number of people, especially guests, this is an uncomfortable and awkward time. We’ve come to understand this from talking to HLPC members as well as from reading national surveys. This is not a Biblically mandated part of a worship service. Yes, we are called to welcome others and be hospitable but are not required to set aside a few minutes in the middle of a service. That said, it is important that our members have their “guest radar” up and speak to those who are visiting each Sunday both before and after the service!

• HLPC Piano Fund- Our piano has been on generous loan from an Air Force family that needed to leave it behind when they moved away from our area years ago. It has served us well and we remain grateful for it. While they have never pressured us to give it back, it is a family heirloom. Therefore, we believe the time has come to invest in our own piano and return the current piano to its true owners. The Elders have approved a fund to raise money for this purpose. We believe a minimum of $10,000 will be needed to get a quality used piano. Please consider how you might give to this fund above what we need for our regular HLPC budget.

• MidWeek is around the corner- The Elders happily approved the slate of studies for Wednesday nights starting September 5th. You’ll get more info next week but get ready to join your church family for a MidWeek meal and gatherings for all ages. Please, please help us by signing up for meals NOW so that we can plan adequately!