Thoughts from the AT&T Store

She was not happy. I could tell the moment I walked into the AT&T store and saw her sitting there. She was not a satisfied customer and she was letting the sales assistant know it. Her mood went from bad to worse when she was required to speak on the telephone to an AT&T representative in some faraway place that kept putting her on hold and playing some music she did not particularly care for. She was pretty clear on that point.

What caused her disgruntlement? Her cell phone service had been cut off the previous Friday. This was not just any Friday; this was the Friday her great grandchild was born. She had been waiting nine months for that baby she insisted and missed the call. Somebody had to be held responsible. This was a grave injustice.

Somebody needs to get this woman happy in a hurry, I thought to myself. She’s not good for business. I was ready to walk out of the store myself but then she said something that changed my perspective completely. In the middle of one of her rants she said, “My husband died three months ago. Do you know how much it costs to bury somebody?”

This was not just an older woman having a bad day. This was a widow. Her wounds were raw. To add insult to injury she had missed out on a moment that would have been a welcome and pleasant distraction for her in the midst of grief- the birth of a great grandchild. I was deeply convicted. Her problems went far deeper than a cell phone and this was much more than somebody being cranky.

My mind then went to Luke 18 and the parable Jesus told of the persistent widow who relentlessly goes to the unjust judge demanding justice. Eventually the judge caves and grants her what she wants lest she wear him out. Jesus then makes the application based on the illustration he provided, “And will not God give justice to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily.” (Luke 18:7-8, ESV)

I’m praying for the widow who remains nameless to me. I don’t know if her problem was simply miscommunication somewhere or some true injustice. Nevertheless she was hurting. May she get the help she needs and may I remain grateful to know that God is concerned for widows, orphans, and the defenseless. The cross of Christ is always proof of His mercy that’s never ending.

Just some thoughts from time at the AT&T store.