Two Prayer Favors to Ask



I have two prayer favors I would ask of you today:


  • Please make an effort to join us TONIGHT at 6:30PM for prayer in the youth building. We will be devoting significant attention to the Presidential election taking place November 8th. Many are perplexed and frustrated about the candidates of the two major parties. Both candidates are seriously flawed. It makes us apprehensive about the future. Let’s do what God calls us to do in times of worry and uncertainty- let’s pray! Let’s take seriously 1 Timothy 2:1-4. Please join us! (No one will be required to pray out loud.)


  • Please pray for me next week, November 7-14. As most of you know, I’ll be in Santa Marta, Colombia speaking to Colombian pastors on the subject of “The Pastor and His Work.” I’m going with the ministry Gospel Through Colombia. You can find out more about that ministry by clicking Please pray for my safety in travel, good health while I’m in country, and for effective communication through the translator. Please pray that God would use me to help equip these pastors. I’ll also be preaching in a church there on Sunday, November 13th while Elliott Everitt, the RUF Campus Minister at Mercer University, preaches here.


I hope to see many of you tonight!