What Do Easter Eggs Have to Do with Easter Week?

We have an annual tradition at HLPC of hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for the children of our church. On Easter Sunday everyone gathers together in the fellowship hall for a shared, pot-luck-styled breakfast at 9:00. The children hunt for eggs at 10:00. So what do Easter Eggs have to do with Easter week? Easter week is all about the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus – the Lamb of God slain & the Lamb of God risen. The first Easter Eggs were stained red to remind people of Christ’s blood shed at His crucifixion. The eggs themselves were seen as symbols of the resurrection. Life is contained in the hard shell much like our crucified Lord was held in the sealed tomb. …But, after three days, He bursted forth! Here’s a video from the children of Strong Tower Fellowship in Macon that reminds us of this truth.

The early Christians of Mesopotamia were the first to implement this teaching tool. The Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches eventually sanctioned the practice and implemented the “Paschal Egg” in their worship services. We’re not going to go that far. But we do see Easter Eggs as appropriate tools for teaching our children about the life, death and resurrection of Christ which we celebrate in a special way during Easter Week.

Having said that, we need Easter Eggs! Starting today, you can bring plastic Easter Eggs filled with hard candy. (Chocolate melts and looks gross on pretty Easter dresses!) We’ll see you Easter Morn at breakfast.