Why I’m Grateful for Billy Graham’s Ministry

Like many of you, I heard this morning that the Rev. Billy Graham, died and went to be with the Lord. We knew this day was coming as we marveled at his long life of 99 years. I am profoundly grateful for him and for how the Lord used him over many, many years. Here are a few reasons:

• Many, many came to faith in Christ through his ministry- while we are no longer a city-wide “crusade” gathering age, during his ministry thousands if not millions were presented with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m very thankful for how God used Billy Graham in such a remarkable way. He came to be known as “The Presidents’ Pastor” as he met with many U.S. Presidents and prayed and counseled with them. God gave him almost unheard of influence.
• I have family and friends who are believers today because of him- I rejoice that so many are in the kingdom- especially family members and even some of you here at HLPC who would say Billy Graham was used of God to draw you to a saving faith. That alone is a reason I’m thankful for him!
• He lived a life of faithfulness and integrity- when a number of “celebrity pastors” crash and burn and receive the scorn of a watching world, Billy Graham led a life free of scandal. He was faithful to his wife, Ruth, until her death, and maintained until his own death a sterling reputation, by God’s grace. He was a great model of how to live a public life as one who follows Christ.

We want to thank God for the life and ministry of Billy Graham. May God raise up many more like him who are committed to the authority of the Bible and to gospel proclamation.