HLPC Needs You!

This past Sunday we looked at Philippians 2:17-30 and the self-less ministries of Paul, Timothy, and Epaphroditus. All three were motivated by the grace of the gospel at work in their lives. Our desire at HLPC is to have more of our people motivated for ministry out of a heart for Jesus and in response to what He has done in and through us.

We have a couple of opportunities for ministry to put before you that I hope pique some interest! Here they are:


  1. Kid’s Quest! This fall we plan to kick off a new kid’s ministry on Wednesday nights at HLPC MidWeek! Our desire is that it ground our kids in Biblical truth and give them fun incentives to learn Scripture and sound doctrine through the kids’ catechism. Our kids need grounding in the truth of Scripture now more than ever. We want HLPC to be a greenhouse for growth for our covenant children. It will happen when we all “grab an oar and start rowing” together! You can follow this link for ways you can be involved. We’ll start the first Wednesday after Labor Day and quit before Thanksgiving.


  1. School of Discipleship Nursery needWe could really use some help in our School of Discipleship nursery. We’ve had members who’ve ministered there for a long time. Could you help for quarter? The “crowds” are small and this enables more of our church family to grow in their faith through our School of Discipleship. See the blurb below for more info!


Please pray and ask God how you can be used at HLPC